Credit Partner

We understand that a person is not defined by their credit score. Unfortunately, the banks don’t see it that way. That’s why One Stop has developed our Credit Partner system. We have a growing database of individuals that understand the value of their high credit score and are willing to partner up with business owners to help them receive the funding they need to make their business a success.

By enrolling in our credit partner program, you have the opportunity to make a fortune. Someone with great credit can be the missing ingredient for funding, and a personal can sit back and make money by co-signing loans for other investors. Some investors earn a 50/50 profit split! This is a win-win opportunity for everyone.

If your credit score is below 700 and you are still interested in unsecured business capital, enroll to be matched up with a credit partner today!

If your credit is above 700 and you are interested in being compensated for your good credit, join our Credit Partner database and sign up for our Credit Partnership Program. Get started today!